Kyle Busch: I don’t care what team I’m at, I’m going to go try and win a championship


Kyle Busch: I don’t care what team I’m at, I’m going to go try and win a championship
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Darlington Raceway will be a great challenge for Kyle Busch, who already showed his quality in his first season for RCR. Speaking to the media, Busch revealed how stressful it was to change the team. Every change implies completely unknown things that you have to get used to.

Busch, however, had no problem figuring out how things worked in RCR. “I think I’ve enjoyed it,” Busch said, as quoted by! “Moving teams is always kind of scary, like going to a new school or whatever.

It’s kind of unnerving. But it’s been really good. Randall [crew chief Randall Burnett] has made it super easy. Everybody at RCR has been great. My thing now is just to try and reward them with the skill and everything that I know.

I have to be able to go out there and perform at the best of what I know. To bring home a championship, but more importantly, just make that final four. The potential is there. The stuff is there. The team is there. We just need to execute and that starts with me.

That starts with Randall, and snowballs from there”.

Kyle Busch wants to win the championship!

From the first day of his career, Busch has always strived for the highest goals. His goal this season will be to win the Championship.

He is aware that he will have a difficult task, but nothing is impossible for him. The experience that Kyle has could be a decisive factor in the coming period. RCR believes in him too, and expects that he can really win the title!

“It would be phenomenal. It would be awesome. That’s what we all strive for. I don’t care what team I’m at, I’m going to go try and win a championship. But to have the history and legacy of RCR and everything that they’ve done over the years with [Dale] Earnhardt and with the other drivers that have been there.

Yeah, it’s been a little quiet lately but that would be nice to shake that up. I feel like when you’re in the final four, it’s like a championship season. You just gotta go out and execute in that last race and there’s so many things that can go against you in that last race to not let you win a championship.

But that’s a title season. That’s where we want to get to and I feel like we can and we’ll work Phoenix once that time comes”.

Kyle Busch