Bubba Wallace called Ryan Preece: He made me laugh with his statement

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Bubba Wallace called Ryan Preece: He made me laugh with his statement
Bubba Wallace called Ryan Preece: He made me laugh with his statement © Brian Lawdermilk / Getty Images Sport

The Daytona race brought a lot of excitement, just as we could have expected. NASCAR fans enjoyed the race that took place this weekend. One of those who can be the happiest with the outcome is certainly Bubba Wallace. He managed to secure the playoffs, and now he will have an excellent chance to continue at the same pace in the future.

Ryan Blaney and Ryan Preece who had an accident during the race can be less satisfied. Both ended up in the hospital. However, they can be happy considering that they did not suffer serious consequences. Bubba Wallace confirmed during the NASCAR Playoffs Media Day that he called both of them immediately after the race and wanted to make sure how they were doing.

Although these were difficult moments for everyone, Preece showed how positive a person he is, and at one point he made Wallace laugh.

Bubba Wallace statement

“One thing I did was call both of them right away, text both of them right away – continue to check up on them to see how they were feeling, see if there’s been any progress.

Preece,” Wallace said, as quoted by on3.com! “Preece is Preece, love him. Texted him Monday and he said he can confirm that Nicole Kidman does not work at the hospital in Daytona, and I lost it when he said that.

So, he was good there. Blaney, Blaney was better than Nashville so I thought that was an improvement. Obviously hits off the [SAFER barrier] wall versus concrete”. Both will soon be released from the hospital and will have the opportunity to return to NASCAR tracks.

We hope that we will not see scenes like this again in NASCAR. The most important thing at this moment is that both drivers were lucky and that they did not experience serious consequences.

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