Denny Hamlin on the massive weight loss after Daytona

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Denny Hamlin on the massive weight loss after Daytona
Denny Hamlin on the massive weight loss after Daytona © Chris Graythen / Getty Images Sport

Denny Hamlin talked about the Daytona race in his Actions Detrimental podcast and revealed an interesting piece of information. Popular NASCAR driver set a new record for weight loss. Namely, Hamlin made a mistake regarding dressing before the race.

“We chose not to run a cool shirt yesterday, and that decision has got to be made pretty early in the week. You’ve got to kind of look at the temperature. ‘Well it’s going to be night, 80 degrees. No problem.’ It was no problem.

But yeah, it was a bit steamy. I did set a new record for myself for weight loss. I had eight pounds lost from n before the race to n after the race. So that was a record for me”. -Hamlin said, as quoted by!

Denny Hamlin talks about Florida conducted test

Hamlin revealed what many did not know; The University of Florida conducted tests related to losing weight and dressing NASCAR drivers.

During the process, they measure many things. “Basically the University of Florida is measuring a couple of guys throughout the year, in different scenarios. Based off of outside temperature, are you wearing a cool shirt, are you not.

They measure your heart-rate, they measure all kinds of internals."- Hamlin continued. During their testing, they did many things that most did not expect. "They’ll take data and they give us kind of a — and they also put a salt patch on my arm, just to kind of show us what’s the best way to rehydrate.

Are you a salty sweater or not? I’m really not, so I don’t need to be taking in a bunch of junk. Really water is sufficient”. Being a NASCAR driver is really not easy. This implies a huge physical effort. You have to be prepared for a lot before you get into your car.

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