Denny Hamlin on the Ryan Blaney crash and what helped him at Daytona

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Denny Hamlin on the Ryan Blaney crash and what helped him at Daytona
Denny Hamlin on the Ryan Blaney crash and what helped him at Daytona © James Gilbert / Getty Images Sport

Many people were left shivering after Ryan Blaney crashed at Daytona. There was a fear that Blaney could have huge consequences or even end tragically. It turned out that Blaney wasn't seriously hurt after all. Social media users expressed their reactions immediately following the race via Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube channels.

Denny Hamlin discussed the NASCAR measures that resulted in Blaney not getting more serious consequences in his podcast, Actions Detrimental. “It’s hard to equate, you know, are the impacts the same, is one more than the other? Certainly the safety innovations that we’ve come up with.The HANS being the number one thing.

I mean, I don’t know if the HANS or the safer-barriers. I would say probably the HANS. But it’s close. You know, just the head-neck restraint in general has changed the game, and certainly made it more safer, as far as a fatal impact is concerned”.

- Denny Hamlin said, as quoted by!

Denny Hamlin comments

Denny Hamlin is aware of how terrible these situations are and what consequences they can have. Blaney was lucky this time, but the changes happening in NASCAR in the last few years have to be praised.

Precautionary measures should be a priority for everyone in order to avoid scenes like this in the future. Hamlin also emphasized that the changes that NASCAR has implemented are the reason why things were not much worse. “I mean, Blaney’s taken some massive hits in the wall, in the Next Gen.

Lucky for us, we got to hear him talk in an interview afterwards. So it’s tough. These things are tough. I mean, his car did deflect more, certainly with the changes that NASCAR has made from the front clip, to make them compress more.

That certainly, probably helped his impact over what the first iteration of Next Gen was. So it’s getting better. But that’s one of those worst-case scenario type things, where you’re driving in a corner and you get sent the other way. It’s a bad one”.

Denny Hamlin

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