Denny Hamlin predicts who will be eliminated in the playoffs


Denny Hamlin predicts who will be eliminated in the playoffs
Denny Hamlin predicts who will be eliminated in the playoffs © Sean Gardner / Getty Images Sport

Denny Hamlin commented on the NASCAR playoffs and expectations during his Actions Detrimental podcast. Denny is aware that the next races could create huge problems for individuals. Quality and experience will really shine here.

“Who would be the most likely in the top eight to not make it out of the first round? We have Darlington, Kansas, Bristol. … The first round is execution based. Like don’t have any major blowups. Wrecks, failures and mistakes”.

- Hamlin said, as quoted by! Jared Allen, co-host, mentioned Kyle Busch, and Hamlin had an interesting take on him. There have always been huge expectations from Busch. However, it is difficult to predict how much this experienced NASCAR driver can really do at this moment.

He didn't forget to mention Christopher Bell either. “I would not disagree with that, because he has been hot and cold. The guy could win all three races, and nobody would be surprised. Or he could have mistakes, or trouble.

I think the tracks lay out too good for him to be the guy who misses in the first round. Man, Christopher Bell lived on nine lives last year, right? He was struggling to make it in like the Round of 8, and ended up making the Final Four because he won.

He was so far in the standings”.

Denny Hamlin on Ross Chastain

Hamlin obviously does not have high expectations from Ross Chastain and believes that he will be the one to finish his story first in the Playoffs. “I’m not hating on him, but I’m just going to say Ross.

They just haven’t been strong. They don’t make — he doesn’t make a whole lot of mistakes though. He doesn’t get caught up in a lot of wrecks, that probably counters that argument. But I would say he’s been the weakest of this Top 8 that I’m looking at.

… I’m thinking about the tracks. Either [Kyle] Larson or Ross. Only just because I don’t think any of these guys don’t make it, but it’d be Larson or Ross, simply from the performance perspective of Ross.

Eh. It’s just been eh. His win at Nashville was dominating”.

Denny Hamlin