Joe Gibbs on Denny Hamlin's new contract and details of negotiations


Joe Gibbs on Denny Hamlin's new contract and details of negotiations
Joe Gibbs on Denny Hamlin's new contract and details of negotiations © Chris Graythen / Getty Images Sport

Many are wondering what will happen regarding Denny Hamlin's new contract. It seems that Hamlin still can't find a common language with Joe Gibbs Racing. His contract will expire at the end of the season. JGR and Hamlin fans are impatient and want things resolved as soon as possible.

Joe Gibbs revealed on SiriusXM Radio NASCAR that negotiations are ongoing and that their goal is for Hamlin to remain part of the team until the end of his career.
“My hope is we’re kinda moving forward with all of that.

Hopefully, there’s going to be something to announce here real quick. I think that’s kinda where we are… And so you’re working hard on ’em and certainly all of us want that to happen. We want Denny here.

It’s been 17 years he’s helped us build our race team along with all those other guys that have helped us over the years from a driver standpoint. We would love for him to be here and go his entire career and retire here.

That’s kinda our dream, that’s what we would like”. - Gibbs said, as quoted by!

TRD President Wilson on Denny Hamlin's contract

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) President David Wilson confirmed that negotiations are ongoing and that an agreement should be reached soon.

The biggest problem seems to be the fact that Hamlin owns the team. For this very reason, it is necessary to work on some details. “He will be back. There’s no question in our mind, there’s no question in Joe’s [Gibbs] mind.

We’re working through some details, and it’s a complicated consideration because now he’s not just a driver for Joe Gibbs Racing. He’s also a team owner, and given that there has to be alignment for Toyota and Denny across both those considerations, just have some stuff that we’re working on." Hamlin has a desire to remain part of the team.

There are many memories behind him and beautiful moments. “We still intend, I know Denny has always wanted to and intends to retire as a driver from Joe Gibbs Racing and continue as a team owner with Toyota. That’s certainly our intent, and we’re working very vigorously to make sure that, in fact, happens”.

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