Denny Hamlin admits making a poor prediction for Daytona


Denny Hamlin admits making a poor prediction for Daytona
Denny Hamlin admits making a poor prediction for Daytona © Sean Gardner / Getty Images Sport

Although Denny Hamlin has a long history in NASCAR, sometimes he gets it wrong and makes bad predictions. This great driver predicted that Daytona would be a real mess, with many crashes and wrecks. There were some crashes and a few other situations, but things did not turn out as Hamlin predicted.

Denny admitted that he made a mistake and that he had poor judgment on his podcast Actions Detrimental. As a result of how the race played out, Hamlin was surprised. “I guess I was wrong. I was wrong. I called for chaos. Wrecks all over the place.

Eh. I can tell you, for 70% of that race, I sure was hoping for some wrecks. I’m sitting there just riding in the back, waiting on a caution, and it never comes”. - he said, as quoted by!

Denny Hamlin and his tactics

Denny Hamlin, just like every other NASCAR driver, had his own tactics.

Hamlin "stayed on the sidelines" due to his expectation that the race would be marked by a lot of wrecks. Ultimately, his tactics did not bear fruit, and his objectives were not achieved. However, it must be admitted that Denny has an interesting way of thinking, and many expected, just like him, that the race would indeed bring a lot of wrecks and crashes.

“There was a point that I pulled out of the pack. You know, I bailed on the pack, because I was three-wide bottom, and this is when the action was actually getting pretty dicey. It was three-wide by three-wide for a bunch of rows, and I’m trapped on the bottom.

So I can’t go anywhere. I’m not going to go forward. I’m not going to the side. I can’t, I’ve got someone pushing me from behind. I just was like, I don’t have the track position I really want, so I’m just going to bail here and count on a wreck about to happen, and eliminate the odds of being in it, and it just never happened.

Then we had a pit road penalty, under green, which you just cannot have, and I then just watched the race for the rest of the race. I’m just in the back of the pack."

Denny Hamlin

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