Kyle Petty on NASCAR playoff expectations

“First race, first round, always critical. I’m not worried about Truex, I’m not worried about Byron"

by Sead Dedovic
Kyle Petty on NASCAR playoff expectations
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We are expecting the NASCAR Playoffs soon, and there is already excitement among the fans of this sport. It is difficult to predict and give a final forecast of who could do the biggest things in the end, but for fans of this sport, the most important thing is that the races bring adrenaline and everything that we expect this year.

Kyle Petty, racing commentator, commented on what he expects from the NASCAR playoffs this season. Darlington, Kansas, and Bristol will be great races. Each of them has something special and brings a lot of different things. “As I look at the playoffs this round if you look at Darlington, Kansas, and Bristol.

It’s a tough round. You have old-school our first superspeedway, Darlington. First superspeedway wever in NASCAR. We have Kansas which is a new market, even though we’ve been there for a while this racetrack is worn out, slick, hard to get a grip on.

Then you’ve got good ole Bristol, man, it’s Bristol, baby! You’ve gotta make something happen."- he said, as quoted by!

Kyle Petty and his expectations

Every point will be important at this point.

If an individual wants a chance at the top, they will have to put more effort into themselves. Petty revealed which NASCAR drivers will have the hardest time. “So, in this round, each one of these drivers has to come out of this round with as many points as possible.

Or that elusive win. And that’s going to be tough for that bottom four. IF I look at Kevin and Michael and Bubba and Rickey Stenhouse, it’s going to be tough for those guys, I believe to win in this first round. They’ve gotta garner as many points as they can." Darlington could bring excitement and surprises right from the start.

Petty obviously has huge expectations from some individuals, but he is again in a dilemma as to who could make a breakthrough and achieve the best result. “First race, first round, always critical. I’m not worried about Truex, I’m not worried about Byron, I’m not worried about Denny at this point.

But somebody’s gotta make something happen at Darlington to move on to the next round. And it’s going to be interesting to see if it’s one of our playoff contenders”.

Kyle Petty