Chase Elliott: Hate the season has worked out like it has

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Chase Elliott: Hate the season has worked out like it has
Chase Elliott: Hate the season has worked out like it has © James Gilbert / Getty Images Sport

Chase Elliott failed to secure the playoffs. Although he gave his best and fought to the end, Elliott had to settle for 4th place, which is ultimately not enough for the playoffs. After the race, Chase Elliott talked about his impressions of everything, as well as the moment when he thought he could really succeed.

"I really liked where we were before the caution," said Elliott, as quoted by! "Honestly, after the restart there, we had the bottom lane that we wanted. I knew the No. 6 [Brad Keselowski] was going to go with the No.

17 [Chris Buescher]. I thought the No. 4 [Kevin Harvick] was going to take the bottom, and they did. We really had all the help we could ask for behind. I couldn't stay locked onto Kevin like I needed to to surge the bottom lane forward.

Brad and Chris were there. Just had a good enough hold on that top lane, and they could kind of control each of them."

Chase Elliott on his team

This season cannot be satisfactory for him in any sense. However, there are certain things that make him happy, and Elliott doesn't want to look at everything so negatively.

There is a great atmosphere in the team. It was evident many times that they displayed a sense of unity and team spirit. It is Elliott's belief that this team is destined for great things in the future. "It's a bummer, for sure.

Hate the season has worked out like it has. The good news is the car got in in the owner's points. That's a big deal. Credit to Alan [crew chief Alan Gustafson] and everybody for continuing to work and scratch and claw while I was out to keep our team alive and to give ourselves a chance.

That's a big deal, probably much bigger than a lot of people realize to our team. Looking forward to these next 10. Try to make a little noise on that side of things and just try to get ready and prepared for next year. But I appreciate everybody's support through this season.

Hasn't been what I would want by any means. Certainly going to be some lessons taken from it, and I think we'll be better for it on the other end."

Chase Elliott

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