Bubba Wallace: We get to go in Daytona stressful as hell

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Bubba Wallace: We get to go in Daytona stressful as hell
Bubba Wallace: We get to go in Daytona stressful as hell © Chris Graythen / Getty Images Sport

As the regular season draws to a close, Bubba Wallace holds the 16th and final spot in the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs. The Watkins Glen race, although he obviously didn't have high expectations, turned out to be a great one for him.

Upon completing the race, Wallace stated that he was proud of his accomplishment since he was completely focused and he made no mistakes. He did not forget to thank Byron for the victory. "Thanks to Byron for winning that," he said, as quoted by motorsport.com!

"Didn’t have a new winner. I’m proud of myself. That’s the first time I felt proud of myself at a road course race. I just executed and didn’t lose focus -- maybe one time. And, that’s the difference maker.

You’ve got to stay on it at these places. Just hats off to my team for sticking with me and believing in me on these road courses."

Daytona race

Daytona will be the last challenge for him and his team. Wallace thanked everyone who was with him in such an important race.

"I know we still have one more to go, but we wanted to maintain our gap and not lose too many and we gained. Hats off to everybody on the effort we put in. Thanks to Toyota for believing in me, McDonalds and all of our partners involved.

Just a great day for the 23 team. Now, we get to go in Daytona stressful as hell, but it takes a little bit of the edge off for sure”. Scott Dixon, a legend of the sport, gave Wallace some interesting advice before the race.

Bubba listened to what Dixon told him and applied it on the track. “Shout out to Scott Dixon. I actually talked to him this morning about the mental piece of it. It’s hard when you come into a road course race, and you tell yourself that every time.

He basically told me to shut the hell up and that I’m here for a reason and to trust in myself and believe in myself and this is what can happen. I don’t think I had one lap where I said I was going to suck, so it was good”.

Bubba Wallace

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