Chase Elliott and Alan Gustafson 'don't worry about social media'

"You know, he doesn’t worry about social media, and I don’t either"

by Sead Dedovic
Chase Elliott and Alan Gustafson 'don't worry about social media'
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In the wake of Chase Elliott's fuel tank running dry at Watkins Glen, Hendrick Motorsports crew chief Alan Gustafson has come under fire. Although many expected that Elliott might have a violent reaction, this great NASCAR driver accepted the situation as it was and stood in support of Gustafson.

Daytona will be the race Elliott must win to qualify for playoffs. The task will be difficult, but it won't be impossible. “That’s not something that he and I worry about. You know, he doesn’t worry about social media, and I don’t either,” Elliott said, as quoted by NASCAR!

One of the most important things is that they have a huge amount of trust between them which has existed since the first day Elliott has been part of the team. Whenever you are in an environment where there is such a positive atmosphere of support in the team, then great results can be expected.

“We have a lot of trust in one another and the job that we do. I think a lot of him, and I think he’s a great dude, he’s a great crew chief, and I don’t really care what anybody says about that because I work with him every week, and no one else does.

So it’s kind of unfair, really, for anybody to feel like they have a good hold on what our team sees and the things we talk about every week and the things that we go to work on together, and I’m really proud of that.

We’ve been working together for, what, about eight years now, so I’m not worried about him”.

Chase Elliott explains the problem

Elliott seems aware of where the problem is but obviously doesn't want to get too deep into it, considering it's too late to do anything now.

The best way to fix things is to win at Daytona.
“I have a decent idea of what went on, but it’s really better that we don’t know, to be honest,” Elliott said. “I don’t really think it was anything trick or anything like that; it was just an unfortunate error that was bad timing more than anything. It wasn’t as obvious as I would say the average watcher would think it was”.

Chase Elliott