Austin Dillon on how his reality show changed many people's image of him

Dillon is a man who is often the target of criticism, very often for no reason

by Sead Dedovic
Austin Dillon on how his reality show changed many people's image of him
© Chris Graythen / Getty Images Sport

One of the most interesting and promising faces in NASCAR at the moment is Austin Dillon. Occasionally, Dillon's performance is criticized by the media and the fans, just like that of many other drivers he competes against.

In spite of that, he always had a special attitude, and he wanted to pay as little attention to such things as he could. During an interview with Fox Sports, Austin revealed a lot about his career, the criticism he endured, and the many accolades he's received over the years.

He left a great impression on everyone with his reality show, "Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Lane.". In fact, the show was an opportunity for many to see the "true side" of this great driver, and realize that Dillon is a man of many talents, not just driving.

“It’s changed from time to time. I think last year, the TV show [Austin Dillon’s Life In The Fast Lane] let people really kind of know how I am as a person, and I found a lot of fans from that. Going out and signing autographs this year has been fun and enjoyable.

And we’ve got a lot of supportive people for the RCR group, the 3 team, and all those fans out there."- Austin Dillon said.

Austin Dillon and his future

Recently, it has become more and more common for NASCAR drivers to decide to end their careers earlier than expected.

This can be attributed to a number of reasons, which are evidently many. Dillon, on the other hand, is a special driver who does not intend to retire anytime soon. According to Austin, there are still a lot of opportunities in front of him that he is looking forward to seizing in the coming period of time.

“No, I’m happy right now. So we’ll keep grinding away and give it all we’ve got”.

Austin Dillon