Joey Logano expects much more from Ford

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Joey Logano expects much more from Ford
Joey Logano expects much more from Ford © Sean Gardner / Getty Images Sport

In the wake of Buescher and McDowell's victory, Joey Logano is still not convinced that the Ford teams made much improvement. The driver expressed his skepticism towards Ford teams during an interview with the media, which explained the reasons behind his skepticism and why he doesn't have so much trust in Ford.

“I’m still skeptical for a few reasons. I think Richmond masked a lot of our weaknesses, and if I look at Michigan, the 19 (Truex) was the fastest car, and Buescher did a good job in both of those races. That team executed two perfect races to put themselves at the front and ultimately win both of them.

So, the 17 teams should get a lot of credit for that,” Logano told the RACER.

Joey Logano on McDowell and Ford: I’d say we’re not quite there yet

In Watkins Glen, McDowell surprised many people by winning the race.

This race was one of the clearest indications that McDowell possesses a high level of skill. It was only necessary for him to confirm that. McDowell was considered to be a great performer by Joey Logano who was extremely pleased with his performance.

As Joey sees it, they have a lot of potential. It is clear that if the Ford team wants to get to the top of the sport, they will have to do much more. “Last week, McDowell is a good road racer, back against the wall type of situation, definitely brought a lot of speed which really no one else was able to.

Until you see all of us up there at the same time, I’d say we’re not quite there yet. But it’s good to see that there is potential if we hit everything just right and we’re absolutely perfect, we can have a chance,” Logano said. The future will bring interesting stories, and we hope many surprises.

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