Joey Logano frustrated: There are too many road courses

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Joey Logano frustrated: There are too many road courses
Joey Logano frustrated: There are too many road courses © Sean Gardner / Getty Images Sport

With the fact that Joey Logano made it to the playoffs, he can be pleased with his performance this season. As we, and many others, know, his ambitions were huge from the beginning, and he continually aspired to be the best in everything he did.

It is common for NASCAR drivers, like Logano, to be dissatisfied with the number of road courses they have access to. During an interview with SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, Joey pointed out that there are a number of things about a race of this type that don't sit well with him.

"I think there are too many road courses if you ask. There’s one thing that I’ve thought, which is there’s not enough cautions in the races like it was at the Watkins Glen. No one’s gonna want to go anymore, we’ll go back to running more oval races like we should”.

- Logano said.

Joey Logano and his favorite tracks

As Logano pointed out, there are three tracks for road course races that would suit him the best. There are certain tracks that Logano prefers to race on because of his experience and success on such tracks.

It is certain, though, that a driver with such qualities will have no problem competing on a track of any type. As the season approaches the conclusion, Logano will need to put on his best performance in the crucial part of the season.

“Three. Sonoma, Watkins Glen and Chicago.I think that’s what we should do. I think Chicago is a win for the sport, not that I really loved the street course racing aspect of it but I thought what it did for our sport was tremendous, so that part was a win. Taking my personal preferences out of it and what’s best for the sport, those would be the three”.

Joey Logano

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