Daniel Suarez after the Indy: A little bit heartbreaking


Daniel Suarez after the Indy: A little bit heartbreaking
Daniel Suarez after the Indy: A little bit heartbreaking

The best that Daniel Suarez could have done at Indy was not enough to win the race. As a result, Suarez had to settle for third place in the race. Daniel created a problem for himself at the very beginning of the race, despite the fact that he started on the pole.

The driver emphasized, at the end of the race, that he was satisfied with the performance of the car. In spite of the fact that there were a few things that were not quite right, Suarez is overall satisfied with the car. "I mean, we win, and we lose as a team, and that’s all I can say.

The guys brought a very fast race car. I felt that maybe we were one adjustment behind in the first run with the back of the car, but then we made it a little bit better,” Suarez said.

Chase Elliott and McDowell

Elliott and McDowell were better than him throughout the race.

Suarez is disappointed because he always demands the maximum from himself and strives for the very top. However, he is aware that this is all part of sport, and that he must accept things as they are. “But I felt like I was always one step behind (Elliott) and (McDowell), and then at the end, I felt that when my car came alive again, we had that issue.

A little bit heartbreaking. That’s part of the sport. All we can do is continue to push, continue to build race cars like this, and I’ll keep on winning races,” Suarez continued. The popular NASCAR driver emphasized that his team can and must do even better.

Next week they will have a new challenge and a chance to achieve an even better result. “We can perform, I think, even better. I felt like (Saturday) we were very strong, and today we were strong. We were lacking a little bit; I didn’t like the first half of the race.

But I’m pretty sure we’re going to go back, analyze everything, and come back stronger next week,” Suarez said.

Daniel Suarez

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