Bubba Wallace asked Tyler Reddick to win the next two races!

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Bubba Wallace asked Tyler Reddick to win the next two races!
Bubba Wallace asked Tyler Reddick to win the next two races!

According to Bubba Wallace, he has asked his teammate Tyler Reddick to win both of the upcoming Cup Series road course races set for Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Watkins Glen International. Wallace is hoping his teammate will be able to win both the upcoming races so that he can secure a spot in the playoffs based on points.

Wallace knew how to motivate his teammate, who will give his best to achieve great success. His team is aware of how difficult this task is, but nothing is impossible. “I’ve hit sim a lot this week just trying to figure out where Tyler Reddick was fast, and I told him in our meeting Tuesday, ‘Hey man, to get the No.

23 locked in, you just go out and win these next two weeks. You’re the best road course racer, just go out and win and you’ll be fine.’ I put a little bit of extra pressure on him,” -Buba Wallace said.

Bubba Wallace: I’m a really good person at overthinking things

As a professional driver with a lot of experience behind him, Bubba Wallace knows what to do this time around. As Bubba Wallace confirms in an interview, mentality is one of the most important aspects of sport today.

Overthinking is a characteristic of this popular NASCAR driver. This has caused him a great deal of trouble on many occasions. His goal this time is to relax and accept the situation as it is. “When you don’t give a crap about things, that makes things fun.

When you start thinking and overthinking, that dials you right out, and that’s not fun. I’m a really good person at overthinking things, especially when it comes to road course racing, and taking the fun right out of it, so you just have to go out and get back to the basics,” Wallace said.

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