Denny Hamlin angry at 'politics' regarding Jimmie Johnson-Hall of Fame case

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Denny Hamlin angry at 'politics' regarding Jimmie Johnson-Hall of Fame case
Denny Hamlin angry at 'politics' regarding Jimmie Johnson-Hall of Fame case

A part of the NASCAR community was furious by the fact that Jimmie Johnson did not receive a unanimous induction into the Hall of Fame. A lot of people do not understand why Johnson was not able to earn entry into the Hall of Fame.

One of the first to react was Denny Hamlin, who is a familiar name to all of us. In the course of his podcast Action Detrimental, Hamlin emphasized that this is a case where political games are being played. Denny has already heard earlier that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the voting process, and the case with Johnson seems to be a confirmation of that.

“It’s all political, and this is someone, and I’ve heard from people that have been in that room that some of the guys that have been around a very long time, who go around the table and politik for their friends to get on the Hall of Fame.

At lunchtime, they’ll go around and politik for their buddies. And so, I don’t like it for sure,” Hamlin said in his podcast.

Denny Hamlin reacts

Denny Hamlin is angry with those who voted. Johnson is a man who has achieved tremendous success as part of the NASCAR community, and it was to be expected that he would be the first to secure entry into the Hall of Fame.

However, this decision will be a topic for a long time to come. Hamlin also emphasized that Johnson is someone who should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame first. “It’s not just for a champion like Jimmie, you know, it just doesn’t make any sense, and to me, you’re not taking that responsibility seriously because, and I understand that there are other people that are deserving, but not as deserving as a seven-time, 80-win champion. I just, I can’t make sense of it, other than someone’s just being very petty,” Hamlin said.

Denny Hamlin

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