Kyle Larson on race-ending fight with Denny Hamlin: I'm pissed


Kyle Larson on race-ending fight with Denny Hamlin: I'm pissed
Kyle Larson on race-ending fight with Denny Hamlin: I'm pissed

Asked about the fight he had at Pocono with Denny Hamlin at the end of his race, Kyle Larson didn't mince his words. Hamlin walled Larson, and eventually took the win. Many believe that this will have a great impact on their friendship.

Judging by Larson's statement, it is difficult to predict whether this really means the end of a friendship or a "strained" relationship. “No, I mean, it is what it is. Yeah, we’re friends. Yes, this makes things s* and awkward.

You know, whatever. He’s always right. All the buddies know Denny’s always right. I’m sure he was in the right there, as well. It is what it is. I’m not going to let it tarnish our friendship on track, but I am pissed.

I feel like I should be pissed. I’m sure to tune in to ‘Actions Detrimental’. He’ll have a long clip on,” Larson said on the race.

Kyle Larson on Denny Hamlin

Larson also had nice words for Hamlin.

Namely, Denny is a man who apologized to him or other drivers many times. He is aware of his mistakes and where he causes the biggest problems. It's things like this that make it hard to get mad at Hamlin. “I got used up.

It’s just unfortunate. I feel like we’ve had a handful of run-ins; I’ve never had to reach out to apologize. He’s always been the one that’s reached out to me and been like, ‘Hey man, I’m sorry.

I messed up there a little bit,’ or ‘Sorry, I put you in a bad spot,’ or ‘Sorry, I hurt your day.’ I’ve never had to do that to him,” Larson said. Kyle Larson emphasized that he was never the one who influenced Hamlin's result at the end of the race.

"Sure, maybe there’s been times he’s been frustrated with me, but I’ve never hurt his results. I should have at least been top two; I finished 21st”.

Kyle Larson Denny Hamlin

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