Michael McDowell is afraid of Bubba Wallace

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Michael McDowell is afraid of Bubba Wallace
Michael McDowell is afraid of Bubba Wallace

Michael McDowell currently has a safe Cup playoff spot, given that he is in 16th place. However, the next race could change everything, which is why McDowell is cautious and especially nervous. There are several interesting names behind him, but a particularly interesting name is Bubba Wallace, who is currently 17th.

McDowell is aware that he is in great danger. It is necessary that he enters the upcoming race calm, focused, and with as little pressure as possible. “When I look at the guys around us, I’m definitely nervous because we know Bubba has some great tracks coming up, and the Toyotas have been fast.

AJ is super strong on road courses; I feel strong on road courses as well. It’s hard to bet against AJ on those. If you look at the guys we’re racing, Suárez as well, he’s good at the same tracks that I’m good at,” McDowell told media.

Bubba Wallace

Bubba Wallace is aware of the importance of the challenges ahead. It is necessary for him to achieve a good result if he wants to secure a place in the playoffs. There is no room for mistakes. Wallace will have to minimize mistakes.

It is important that Wallace and his team understand where they went wrong before because this time they have no choice. “We want to win. We know we have to win. We can’t point our way into a championship, so we need to win.

We need to win early enough to lock ourselves in. If we can’t do that, it would be unfortunate, but we have to point our way, too. Mistakes don’t create points, so we have to eliminate mistakes to get points,” Bubba Wallace said on Saturday. An exciting final awaits us. There are many names in the game, but not all of them can secure the playoffs.

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