Bubba Wallace admits he doesn't deserve a spot in the 2023 Cup playoffs

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Bubba Wallace admits he doesn't deserve a spot in the 2023 Cup playoffs
Bubba Wallace admits he doesn't deserve a spot in the 2023 Cup playoffs

23XI Racing Toyota Camry driver Bubba Wallace is not excelling this season and is far from the form he wants to be in. Wallace is attracting a lot of attention for his activities outside of NASCAR. However, his biggest focus right now is trying to secure the playoffs.

However, Wallace is not optimistic and stressed that his team does not deserve to be there. The mistakes made by Wallace and the crew at this moment do not inspire optimism that they will be able to achieve their goals. “We had a few mistakes that started off our weekend bad.

I guess you could say that’s in the cards, so we don’t deserve to be in right now with the way we’re performing and executing… Mistakes like this at this point in the season; there’s no excuse for it.

Whether it’s my fault on track or the crew’s fault in preparation. We need to be better as a team moving forward to even think about playoffs,” Wallace said.

Denny Hamlin and his reaction

Denny Hamlin, co-owner of 23XI Racing, can hardly be satisfied with the performance of his drivers.

However, he is aware that the team also has to do a lot to help them. It will take a lot of effort and work in the future to succeed in their intentions. We have no doubt that 21XI Racing will really find a solution and be competitive in the coming seasons.

“They’re running OK. Certainly, would like to see a little more performance, a little more execution on the team’s part. The team has its fair share of growing that they need to do. The drivers, as long as they do their part, then it’s up for us to make sure the team executes. They let him down in some spots, for sure. We all have to get better,” Wallace said.

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