Denny Hamlin on the new 23 XI headquarters: It’s going to rival any F1 shop


Denny Hamlin on the new 23 XI headquarters: It’s going to rival any F1 shop
Denny Hamlin on the new 23 XI headquarters: It’s going to rival any F1 shop

23XI Racing, owned by Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan, certainly has a good perspective and great things can be expected. This duo has already shown that they are thinking about the future. Their projects promise and give hints that this team will do great things in the future.

The last in the series of projects is the development of the campus construction. Their new headquarters will be in Huntsville, and the project will be worth 16 million dollars. Speaking on the podcast, Hamlin emphasized that work is ongoing.

This popular owner and driver emphasized that this complex will be able to compete with any F1 shop. “It’s coming together. They’re working. I think they’re probably a few weeks behind, but now that it’s got a roof over it and they’re not going to be affected by rain…But I’m excited about it.

I’m excited for people to see, like, I mean, the interior is, is certainly very nice. I mean, it’s it will be, in my opinion, it’s going to rival any F1 shop that you go to,” Hamlin said in his podcast.

Denny Hamlin and his ideas

Denny Hamlin is a man with a taste for such things. Previously, he had already done many analyzes and looked at various complexes and headquarters, with the aim of understanding the best way to build.

Everything he noticed, he applied on paper and wanted to realize in an identical way. Hamlin expects to start working on January 1, 2024. “I just did a ton of research on design and tried to figure out how I liked things, and yeah, it’s gonna be amazing when it’s done.

And I know you see it, and it looks like it’s years from being finished. But on January 1, we’re operating out there. We’re building the cars there on January 1,” Denny Hamlin said.

Denny Hamlin

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