Denny Hamlin 'doesn't understand' Kyle Busch: I am not optimistic for him


Denny Hamlin 'doesn't understand' Kyle Busch: I am not optimistic for him

Kyle Busch has been excellent this season and many are predicting big things for him by the end of the season. However, his ex-teammate, Denny Hamlin, seems not to be optimistic about Busch. Speaking on his podcast, Hamlin emphasized that he does not expect Busch to make the final four this season.

Denny doesn't understand many things about this NASCAR veteran. “Kyle Busch, I don’t understand Kyle Busch. I didn’t think he ran that well yesterday, and I’d look up, and he finished fifth. Again, most of the guys that finished upfront was part of that stay-out strategy, so you know I’m not sure about Kyle,” Hamlin said on his “Action Detrimental” podcast.

Denny Hamlin is optimistic

Denny Hamlin is apparently optimistic about his future and expects great things from himself. Considering his quality and experience, it is possible for him to make a good result. However, there are many quality drivers and it is difficult to give a final estimate.

“I’m gonna say I’m probably gonna pass on the final four there…Kyle’s actually got the second most playoff points because he’s got the win to three wins right, only two stage victories.

I’m still gonna pass there,” -Denny Hamlin continued. As soon as Hamlin had to predict who would race in the final race, he put himself first. That speaks volumes about his self-confidence. Hamlin believes that he is getting better with age, and he will prove that this season as well.

Denny is aware that there are other drivers who can create a problem for him, but he doesn't seem to be afraid of anyone. “I’m gonna make it because that’s what we do. We make the final fours, and I always get better as years ago.

Stats don’t lie. All right, so next in line is the regular season. You got Martin Truex definitely could. He’s running extremely well,” Hamlin said.

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