Kyle Busch on the negative side of the Chicago street race

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Kyle Busch on the negative side of the Chicago street race
Kyle Busch on the negative side of the Chicago street race

Kyle Busch managed to finish 5th in this year's Chicago Street Race. There was a great deal of skill and experience that was used by this veteran in order to get a positive result. There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Chicago Street Race.

Given that this type of race was implemented in the Cup series for the first time, it was difficult to predict the outcome. Kyle Busch talked about his impressions of the race after the event, revealing the negative side of this race that he had experienced; “But probably the only negative was just the weather.

I thought everything else about it was really good. ” - he said.

Kyle Busch

Busch hit the tire barrier in turn six during the race. Busch believes that more attention could have been paid to certain things in certain parts of the race.

He is a man with experience, so we believe that such situations do not pose as much of a problem as they do for some less experienced ones. "Practice went off pretty well. There was definitely some areas of the track where you could use a tire barrier- I obviously was a tester of those and that seemed to work really well and that our cars can continue with little damage.

But just a couple of sports that probably could use more or any, to begin with”. Busch believes that NASCAR should expand to other continents. Working on the popularity of this sport will be a priority for the leader.

It is certain that NASCAR attracts the attention of fans from South America and North America. “I feel like there’s definitely the potential for that — whether it’s North America, South America, even a different continent.

I think there are some opportunities that are out there, so it will be interesting to see where we land with that,”

Kyle Busch

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