AJ Allmendinger on Chicago street race and key things

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AJ Allmendinger on Chicago street race and key things
AJ Allmendinger on Chicago street race and key things

NASCAR fans will have the opportunity to watch the first NASCAR Cup Race on the street course. A real spectacle is expected and many people are looking forward to watching it. For most NASCAR drivers, this will be their first street course race.

AJ Allmendinger is one of those who had the opportunity to be part of the street course race. In conversations with FOX SPORTS, he talked about his expectations and what such races look like; "A lot of the street courses you have run-off, at least in certain corners.

It's intimidating. With the Xfinity cars, if you wheel-hop, you're probably going to get into the fence because you can't bail out anywhere. In the Cup car, you don't wheel-hop as much but how these things bounce off the [bump] stops [in the shocks] and stuff, one small error and you're in the wall.

You're going to be on the ragged edge."- he said. During Allmendinger's speech, he warned his colleagues that they are about to face a difficult challenge. Obviously, they will face a lot of difficulties in the race. "To be 100 percent honest, I've told my guys it's going to be a pain in the ass for them, just coordinating everything, where the haulers are, things like that.

But that's what street-course racing — part of it — always is. It's an event with a race that's going on. That's what makes it fun." NASCAR This great NASCAR driver reveals what might be key in this type of race.

As a result of his experience and knowledge, he will play a crucial role in the whole story. We have no doubt that a race like the NASCAR Cup Series will be spectacular because there are so many quality drivers taking part in this series.

This is going to be a tough fight, but it will also be an extra sweet victory for the winner because of the difficulty. "The biggest thing is what car and what driver is the most confident on the brakes. I think that is where a lot of your time in qualifying is going to be made up, and passing is really going to be about the brake zones.

If you feel like you are really good on the brakes, that's probably where you're going to shine. I don't know if that lends itself to the road-course drivers. In the Cup Series, we have the best of the best. As we've seen at these road courses, it used to be maybe 10-12 [drivers] deep and it's 25-30 deep now about who can be competitive.

I really do believe it's just going to be about who can unload and get comfortable the quickest and have a good setup and more importantly be the most comfortable being that close to the wall at every apex. If you can do that in the short amount of time that we'll have, I definitely think you're going to have an advantage."