Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the 'difficult' moments of the drivers after the crash

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the 'difficult' moments of the drivers after the crash
Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the 'difficult' moments of the drivers after the crash

During the course of their careers, NASCAR drivers face many challenges. As with any career in sports, there will be good moments, but there will also be bad ones. When Dale Earnhardt Jr. was interviewed for the podcast, he spoke about what it was like the moment he found himself in the infield care center after the crash.

A lot of the drivers seem to be more bothered by the fact that they have been 'kicked out' of the race than they are by the consequences of what transpired during the race. “And they’re like, ‘Hey, you feeling, OK?’ And you’re like, ‘Yeah, doing alright.’ Then, I’ll be honest with you, in that moment right there the heartbreak sets in of the actual fact that you crashed and you’re out of the race, right?” -Dale Jr.


Dale Earnhardt Jr talks about the confusion

Such moments can be confusing for drivers, considering that many things happen too quickly. One moment you are in the care center and the next moment you are at a press conference.

“The result is going to be awful. You have to wait all week to go back to the racetrack to redeem yourself. It’s like this right as you’re walking out of that medical center. You’re like, oh yeah, the reality of all of this is that I had a terrible day.

A terrible result. And then you end up walking into a media scrum or something like that, trying to explain what’s going on,” -Dale Jr. continued. Dale Earnhardt Jr. emphasized that every driver deals with such situations differently.

In some cases, people have a totally different mentality and can tolerate such things more easily in comparison to others. “And the times that I’ve actually been in there where there’s a multi-car crash, it’s interesting because every driver is in a different state of mind.

Guy might be in there madder than hell. Somebody might be in there not in too bad of a mood,” -Dale Jr. said.