Denny Hamlin reacts to criticism from Twitter users

"Drivers are asked during media each week to give their takes on hot topics"

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin reacts to criticism from Twitter users

Denny Hamlin is a NASCAR driver who reacts more and more often to problems in the NASCAR scene through his podcast. The last in a series of his reactions was the one related to the incident between Austin Cindric and Austin Dillon, when Cindric hooked Dillon.

One user on Twitter was frustrated with Hamlin and the fact that he comments on every issue. He went to react. “Denny should not be the voice of NASCAR on this topic. Can you imagine Dale Sr. advocating for another driver to be suspended or to defend himself from other drivers’ requests that he be suspended for handling things on the racetrack?” -an anonymous user wrote.

“Hamlin has evolved into something he is not. He is not a cerebral official who is impartial. He is a driver AND an owner who has a self-interest in other drivers and teams losing cash via sponsorships and playoff points via suspensions.

Please mute his conflicted advocacy."

Denny Hamlin responded

The response from Denny Hamlin wasn't long in coming, as he was obviously incensed by the way users were behaving on Twitter, and he immediately replied. Hamlin stressed that he and a few of his colleagues were being paid to give their opinions on such matters.

As a result of reacting to the daily happenings in NASCAR, Denny is clearly making a profit. “I get paid to give takes. I have a show just like Corey, Logano and others. Check them out if you haven’t. Drivers are asked during media each week to give their takes on hot topics.

Not sure you really want drivers muted. But in the meantime here’s a clip that perhaps you might find helpful to your Dale Sr question. He wasn’t sent head on into the wall but was spun by Rudd. He thought that should result in a fine and sit out the rest of the season,” -Hamlin tweeted.

Denny Hamlin