Bubba Wallace frustrated because he 'lost' $1 million

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Bubba Wallace frustrated because he 'lost' $1 million
Bubba Wallace frustrated because he 'lost' $1 million (Provided by Sport World News)

Bubba Wallace: Always a current and interesting topic. His performance at the All-Star race showed the quality of this interesting driver. He finished the race in second place. Kyle Larson finished as the race winner. It seems that he was not optimistic the night before the race, but it turned out much better than he thought.

Bubba is especially happy for his teammate, Tyler Reddick. "I didn’t know anything coming into this race, and after the first run, I had to go into conserve mode – conserve the rear tires. That was the biggest thing,” -he said, as quoted by motorsport.com “After last night, I was really skeptical on how we were going to run – we weren’t very good.

Even saving, I just didn’t have what (Larson) had. I thought we could close the gap a lot more than we did, but just didn’t have it. I’m pumped for (teammate) Tyler (Reddick) finishing third. Just have to continue to carry the momentum and have some fun in Charlotte (next weekend)”.

Bubba Wallace

The top spot was very important to Bubba Wallace. Despite this, his opponent had a higher level of quality in this race and deservedly took first place. Bubba Wallace was tempted by the $1 million prize that was on offer.

He stressed that he wants to take advantage of this momentum and continue at the same pace for the remainder of the season, continuing to focus on his goals. “He could attack hard and have something there in the end,” -Wallace said talking about Larson.

“If this was a normal race, something to be excited about – but this was for a $1 million, and you come up short and walk away with nothing. Tail tucked between our legs, but all-in-all, just continue to ride the momentum train.

We came up one spot short. Congrats to Larson. He’s been on a rail lately. Now we show up to our home turf. We have to keep the momentum rolling there and get ourselves deeper into the playoffs. I’m excited to be where we are at right now”.