Kyle Larson after the All-Star race: That was an old-school ass whipping


Kyle Larson after the All-Star race: That was an old-school ass whipping

Kyle Larson was delighted with himself after another victory at the All-Star race. His statement immediately after the victory made many laugh: "That was an old-school ass whipping, for sure," Larson said, as quoted by Bubba Wallace was also great and ended up finishing second behind Larson.

He praised Kyle but was sad that he couldn't do more. "Larson was lights out, so congrats to him," Wallace said. "They have been hitting it on the head all season, so to run second to them is not a bad thing. But to run second in the All-Star Race sucks because you go home with nothing." As soon as Larson received a penalty for speeding on lap 24 and was tossed to the back of the field, he thought everything was over.

However, after putting on the new tires, things started to change for the better. With the realization that he would be able to register a great result, he decided to take advantage of it. "Once I was picking people off, I was like, man, is my car that good or is it the tire disparity?" Larson said.

"Then I was like, shoot, our car is pretty good. So I tried to lap as many as I could."

Kyle Larson on caution

Larson expected that there would be caution. "We had a great car in the long runs, and I was thinking that for sure there was going to be a caution," said Larson.

"I got out to a big lead, and I could see everybody's cars were driving like crap in front of me." Fans are unhappy with many things this season. However, Kyle Larson believes that one must be patient and hope for better things in the future.

"It's no secret that everybody in the industry, the fans, have been vocal about wanting better short-track racing, so I think what happened tonight goes along with what that narrative has been lately," Reddick said. "NASCAR is working on it, and we are all going to put our heads together and try to make short-track racing better."

Kyle Larson