Michael McDowell warns Ty Gibbs: It comes around

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Michael McDowell warns Ty Gibbs: It comes around
Michael McDowell warns Ty Gibbs: It comes around (Provided by Sport World News)

There was a great deal of anger between Michael McDowell and Ty Gibbs as a result of Gibbs' behavior at North Wilkesboro Speedway. There was a lot of excitement surrounding the All-Star race. However, the moment Gibbs made contact with McDowell provoked Michael's anger.

In the meantime, McDowell did the same, and they came into contact after a while, after he did the same. He expressed his disappointment after the race, saying that he felt that he could have done more for the team. “We ended up on the short side of it.

It sucks. Felt like we had a pretty fast Ford Mustang, but at the same time, all that stuff comes around man. You can get away with it a few times, but it comes around. I don’t have the budget for the fine, otherwise, I would not be standing here.

I would be standing down there."

McDowell on Ty Gibbs

McDowell singled out Ty Gibbs as the main culprit who ruined his plans in the end. However, McDowell will have to accept things as they are and focus on the future that awaits him.

Situations like this are quite normal in NASCAR. Of course, we do not justify the aggressiveness and deliberate actions of individuals. “It’s short track racing to try and get into the All-Star Race. Somebody is going to leave with hurt feelings and I guess it’s me.

I got a great restart there, kind of worked the outside and got a couple of guys. Was able to get down, but Ty just plowed into me. Just knocked me into the No. 31 (Haley) and spun us both out. Got a lot of damage from that”.

Ultimately, it was Kyle Larson who was able to win the race, and he was once again able to demonstrate what a quality driver he is. Surely, this is a huge motivation for him to continue at the same pace for the rest of the season as well.