Christopher Bell wants to increase his points balance

"The only thing that pays playoff points is race wins and stage wins"

by Sead Dedovic
Christopher Bell wants to increase his points balance

Christopher Bell is happy with the start of the season considering that he is the leader in the current standings. Last year, he had many "tense" situations where he had to fight for points and playoffs at the last moment. This season, Bell wants it to be different.

“Last year through the playoffs, it was a really big eye opener of playoff points, how important they are,Bell said, as quoted by Motorsports. “Frankly, we didn’t have very many of them last year.

The only thing that pays playoff points is race wins and stage wins. Thankfully, we have five in the bank now (for the win) and we need to get some more”.
Bell's crew chief, Adam Stevens does not want his team to find themselves in the same position as last year.

“We were fortunate last year when our backs were up against the wall to be able to transfer. But you can’t rely on that. That’s tough. It took some situations and a little bit of a luck for that to happen. If you have a big old stockpile of bonus points, you get in that spot, maybe it’s not as foreboding as it was.

Hopefully, we don’t put ourselves in that spot. To do that, we need to capitalize on our strengths and we need to minimize our weaknesses”.

Christopher Bell on Martinsville race

Bell is optimistic about the next race in Martinsville.

He has good experience from that race and hopes that he can be equally good. “I feel good about going back to Martinsville. It’s going to be certainly different with the low downforce package. But it’s different for everybody,” he said.

“I feel like we were the best car there in the fall, so hopefully we can do our homework and make sure to study the differences between Richmond and Phoenix with the low downforce package and what we expect at Martinsville”.

Christopher Bell