Kevin Harvick believes he will achieve even better results

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Kevin Harvick believes he will achieve even better results

Kevin Harvick will probably be in the playoffs and for now he is satisfied with his races. He believes that self-confidence is key in everything but also that his team has made many good decisions that have paid off “I think as you look at really everything that’s happened at Texas it’s just been A-plus, and when you have that confidence in a race track and the guys have confidence in the setup and the car and the things that they change from year to year, it’s hard to beat confidence,” Harvick said.

“There’s always things that can happen, but I truly believe that we’ll go there and have a really fast car and be comfortable the week leading up to it that you made the right decisions because we’ve made a lot of really good decisions there in the past.

It’s just been a great place for us”. , as quoted by nascar


He says that one should not bother with the results and that one simply needs to let everything flow and one should not bother too much and burden oneself with the results.

“You just have to let the results just be what they are and do the things that you do on a weekly basis in order to just race the same way,” Harvick said. “It’s not a switch that you can flip. We tried that in the beginning and mentally it’s just not the right thing to do because you’re not mentally prepared and mentally trained to think the way that you have to think in the playoffs if you don’t do that on a week-to-week basis”.

We know that the team as a group is the most important in every sport, if you have people full of optimism and motivation behind you you have a much better chance of success. So it is with Harwick's team “I think the most important thing that you have are people,” Harvick said.

“The only way to be great is to have great people. If you have average people, you’re gonna have an average team. If you have good people, you’re gonna have a good team. “If you have great people, it leads to the opportunity to be great, so it’s all about putting the right people in the right places.

Obviously, you have to run it to a budget, but I’d rather buy less tires than not have the right people because in the end it’s a scenario that you’re only as good as the people that are surrounding you and that is 100 percent true”.