Kyle Busch on his impressions after the victory in Fontana


Kyle Busch on his impressions after the victory in Fontana

Kyle Busch was able to take the win at Fontana. Although he just joined the team (Richard Childress Racing) and this was his second race, Busch still showed what kind of driver he is. Kyle spoke about his impressions after joining the new team.

“I felt like there was going to be a little bit of a learning experience, a little bit of a growth pattern,” Busch said, as quoted by “But also, on the flipside of that, I always just kind of looked back and watched some of their results and success that they had last year with Austin (Dillon).

He ran second here last year, and (Tyler) Reddick was super, super fast. It’s just been really, really cool, and it’s been a great piece of – we’re making history, right – but a great opportunity to go out there and continue to win races at a new team with RCR”.

He doesn't want to stop there. His ambitions are much bigger, and he will have the opportunity to score points in the next race. “I would say that we need to continue on and pour the gas on the fire right now and go out there and continue to get wins and have fast cars and run up front,” Busch said.

“We want to get those playoff points. Playoff points is a big deal for the end of the year. I’ve won a couple championships having a lot of playoff points, and the couple of years I haven’t had a lot of playoff points, I haven’t made it very far.

I know what’s important, so hopefully we can get some more of that”.

Kyle Busch on his opportunities

Kyle also talked about the opportunities he will have now. “It does open up opportunity for staying out in particular races or maybe pitting and getting tires in particular races because you do have that win so you can take more chances,” Busch said. “But I don’t know that you’d mess with set-up stuff really much”.

Kyle Busch