Ricky Stenhouse Jr on partnerships after Daytona 500 win

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Ricky Stenhouse Jr on partnerships after Daytona 500 win

Ricky Stenhouse Jr and his victory at the Daytona 500 is one of the main topics. It was a massive success for him and his team. Team co-owner Tad Geschickter talked about the fan reactions and Stenhouse's willingness to put himself out there.

“Not many understand, you’re out here at a grocery store event in the rain on a Friday, where he’s meeting fans and meeting our sponsor people and does everything with grace and dignity,” - he said as quoted by motorsport.com “He’s happy to do it.

No question is too dumb or no extra appearance is too much. I think he’s enjoyed it”. Stenhouse is ready to help his partners. He is ready to do everything for his team and partners. “I feel like one of the things I’ve always tried to do in my career is take care of our partners, go above and beyond what they expect.

I felt like I did that at Roush. I feel like I do that for my sprint car team and I feel like I do that for JTG. Obviously, here at JTG, it’s a little more intensive just because we have so many partners with just the way the program is run with Kroger.

But it takes every single one of them to make this work”.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Ricky knows what the sport NASCAR is. You always have to give your best, and you can't expect things to appear by themselves. Victory at the Daytona 500 will be an additional motivation for him and his team to continue at the same pace.

“I feel like even when we were grinding it out and struggling at the end of last year, we were still going around and doing all these same things in parking lots for Kroger or Ralph’s or Dillons or Fry’s all across the country,” he said.

“This sport has changed a lot. To be in this sport you have to show results on the track but you also have to be willing to go do things like this. You can’t just sit back and expect it all to just happen. I recognize that and feel like it’s part of the work I have to put in – not just in the gym, not just looking at data. It’s all part of it”.