Denny Hamlin on LA Clash 2023: It's the worst racing, it's not even racing really

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Denny Hamlin on LA Clash 2023: It's the worst racing, it's not even racing really

Most of the fans were disappointed after this year's LA Clash, considering the number of cautions (16), but also the short track where many showed too much aggressiveness. One of the legends of this sport, Denny Hamlin, in his Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin, talked about impressions after the end of the race; “The race was so crazy,” said Hamlin, as quoted by “It’s such a different race when you’re running up front than you’re running in the back.

Once I got spun back there, it’s awful. It’s the worst racing, it’s not even racing really, you’re just kind of bumping the car in front of you. It just takes one person, two rows back, to just get pissed at somebody and they just drive in and blatantly take out that person, but if that person doesn’t spin it’s the car in front that spins.

I’m looking around after the race, and I don’t know who to be mad at. All the people got taken out – nobody was fighting! You don’t even know who was responsible”.


27 cars participated in this year's LA Clash.

Hamlin believes that the number is too high and that not everyone should be invited. We will see if NASCAR will change anything. “We’re running the fine line between entertainment and racing at The Clash now. Is this going to go to a regular-season points race? I agree with [Joey] Logano; there’s no way you can put 36 cars on that track, it’s impossible.

I think you’d have better racing at that track, keep it The Clash, and stop inviting everybody to the party. If you win a pole, like [they] used to, you get in The Clash, if you don’t, you don’t show up.

We saw in the heats and the last-chance qualifiers, we didn’t have those crazy problems because we only had 10 cars in each. Spread us out, it might not provide the boxing entertainment, but I’m wondering if the juice is still worth the squeeze on this thing”.

Denny Hamlin