Kyle Busch on impressions after LA Clash 2023

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Kyle Busch on impressions after LA Clash 2023

LA Clash 2023 brought a lot of excitement and it can be said that we got what we expected. Kyle Busch finished third, making a great comeback. We could feel how many drivers are eager to win. It was as if they were ready for anything to achieve their goal.

The race ended with 16 cautions. Last year was totally different, as Busch confirmed. “Last year’s show, I felt like was relatively clean and good racing, some bumping, some banging, but we could run long stretches of green-flag action, where today was, I would call it a disaster with the disrespect from everybody of just driving through each other and not just letting everything kind of work its way out,” Kyle Busch said.

The same thing could have happened last year. “But it’s a ¼-mile. It’s tight-quarters racing. Actually, this is probably how it should have gone last year, so we got spoiled with a good show the first year.

Maybe this was just normal,”.

Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr

Busch turned out to be a great teammate after letting Dillon battle Martin Truex Jr. “Kyle helped me there at the end. He knew we had a fast car, so he let me try and get a shot at Martin.

That was nice, so hopefully, I can pay back the favor when we go to Daytona. We work together well. It’s a great start for all of us,”- Dillon said.
They worked a lot before this race, and they really showed that there is chemistry in the team.

“We’ve been working well together this whole weekend off the track, on the track, and having the opportunity of being able to take care of one another on a couple of those restarts. That’s just a good omen for great teamwork and good sportsmanship from the two of us, so let’s keep that rolling,” Busch said about RCR’s teamwork.