Alex Bowman eager to prove himself after last season

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Alex Bowman eager to prove himself after last season

Alex Bowman wants to show HMS his qualities this season. The accident from the previous season in which he experienced concussion-like symptoms caused Bowman to miss part of the season. This is exactly his motivation for the upcoming season, and we have no doubt that Bowman will dominate.

“I am excited to get back behind the wheel. The way last season ended and me having to be out of the race car has made me hungry to get back. I have spent the offseason training and preparing, so I think the shortened season in 2022 and focusing on being ready for this season has created a lot of excitement and anticipation for me,” Bowman said.

Blake Harris is the new crew chief. Bowman confirmed that Harris brought an extra dose of energy to the team. "Blake (Harris) has brought a lot of energy to this team and I know the crew is super motivated to go compete. We will take it one race at a time, and it starts at the Clash this Sunday,”.

Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson is one of the drivers from whom the most expectations are placed. The Clash is one of the most exciting races that all NASCAR fans look forward to. Kyle is satisfied with the organization of the race last season, and this time he expects the best from himself.

“I thought last year was amazing. NASCAR and everyone else involved did a great job building the track, making it proper for racing, creating excitement around the event and making it fun for fans. It was great to be a part of that historical event.

I’m happy that we’re able to come back and put on another great show. I’m sure that it will be even better than the inaugural race was,” Kyle Larson said. Chase Elliott expects the Clash to be as good this season as the previous ones.

“The Clash was a good event last year and it was a unique way to kick off our season. It seemed like the fans were excited to be there and enjoyed all the festivities they had going on. It was just kind of a different vibe than what we usually have.

Everyone that had a hand in putting it together and bringing it to life did a great job, and going back a second year, I think it will just be as good,” Chase Elliott said.