Kyle Larson on expectations for this season and NASCAR changes

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Kyle Larson on expectations for this season and NASCAR changes

Kyle Larson is ready to show his qualities this season as well. He is one of the best drivers on the NASCAR scene. The LA Clash will be a big challenge for him, but the races after that can show a lot. “I think it’s always important to start the year off strong.

There’s been years where I’ve struggled the first year, and kind of like you’re digging yourself out of a hole from the very beginning,”. His goal is to win every race. He is aware of how difficult the challenges will be, but Larson has self-confidence, and that is what he needs most.

“Although it’s a long season, it’s definitely important to get off to a good start and shape the scope of your season and how you prepare for each race, and how you call each race. The goal is to win every race, but early in the year, you want to finish to get off on the right foot,”.

NASCAR and changes: “I think it’s good"

NASCAR made a lot of changes this season. One of the important changes is the elimination of stage breaks from the Road Course races. Larson is pleased with the moves by NASCAR executives.

It seems that a few more changes will follow. “I think it’s good. I always thought it was odd in a road course that you would pit early before a stage. That’s just not like racing to me. Being able to race from start to finish is good.

I honestly haven’t even followed along with the rules updates. I don’t know the exact rules or whatnot, but I think that’s been something teams and drivers have been trying to get NASCAR to do the last few years.

It’s nice that they listen, and I think it’s going to be better overall for the race,” Kyle Larson said.