Richard Childress praised Kyle Busch and his qualities

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Richard Childress praised Kyle Busch and his qualities

Richard Childress did a great job with the arrival of Kyle Busch. Childress is aware of how much Busch has given to NASCAR and is well aware of his potential and abilities. Busch is a man who loves NASCAR, gives his best, and wants to be part of a big story.

“I think one of the things about Kyle each time I’ve talked to him. (he says), ‘Man, I can’t wait to go have some fun.’ ‘Man, I had some fun down there at COTA. I can’t wait until we go test and have some fun.’ I’ve asked a couple of drivers, why did you get into racing to start with? Well, to go out and have some fun and enjoy it,” Richard Childress said.

“So many drivers, I think, today have forgotten why they got into racing, but Kyle Busch hasn’t. He still is a racer. Kyle Busch loves to race, and it is fun for him to go out and race and win." Richard Childress added.

Kyle Busch and LA Clash

Kyle Busch has big ambitions for him in the upcoming season as well. Busch revealed how to win the LA Clash and what the secret formula is. This experienced driver knows a lot, and he will have to apply it all soon and show why he is such a class.

“I feel like, obviously having a fast car is good, but to have a fast car, you have to be fast while going slow. You’re probably out of the throttle just as much as you’re in the throttle at the Clash, and [the] time in which you’re on the brakes is going to be very important to making sure you’re not on ‘em too much, but yet you still get the car slowed down enough in order to make it turn for the middle of the corner and exit for the next straightaway,” Kyle Busch said.