NASCAR made changes in the rules!

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NASCAR made changes in the rules!

NASCAR has decided to change many things for the next season. The rule change was announced on Tuesday, and it seems that the biggest reason for the change is Ross Chastain's move from the previous season. Senior Vice President of Competition Elton Sawyer spoke more than that in an interview with NASCAR Race Hub.

"As we looked at in the offseason and you know, it was a very exciting moment. It will go down in the history of our sport, if not the most exciting moment, (then) it's in the top five for sure. It came with a great deal of excitement as I said, but it also came with a great deal of scrutiny.

We met internally Monday after Martinsville (and) made a decision that we would officiate the championship weekend in Phoenix as we had the previous 35 races. After gathering more information in the offseason, it just felt like that we needed to make a move.

We needed to step in, and we will officiate that differently as we move into the '23 season. It's not brand new language ... it is language that was in the rulebook and if we see that and deem that as an unsafe maneuver, then we would penalize and that would be a time or a lap penalty."- he said, as quoted by


Elimination of the top 30 in the points was also one of the topics.

"As far as the top 30 in points, as we digested that in offseason, we got 36 charter teams in the Cup Series and they all work extremely hard to get to the playoffs. And for a team to not have been in the top 30 and they won a race, and yet not getting the opportunity, just didn't feel like it was fair.

So we felt like it was the right thing going forward to make sure it was an equal opportunity there." NASCAR wants to change many things to increase the quality of this competition. It will take a lot to make things ok.