Chase Briscoe ready to be the leader of SHR

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Chase Briscoe ready to be the leader of SHR

Chase Briscoe is the man who is expected to take the place of Aric Almilora, whose future is still undecided. Kevin Harvick has revealed that he is definitely leaving NASCAR after this season. “Where we’re at as a company, for me still, Kevin Harvick is the guy.

He’s who steers our ship. He’s the guy that when he talks, people listen, and, for me, I’ve just tried to watch as much as I can, knowing that Kevin’s not gonna be there one day. And especially with Aric leaving in the next few years or whenever he does, I’m gonna be the guy that’s been there the longest, so, naturally, the leadership kind of falls on you to a certain extent.

So I think how Kevin gets his points across and how I get my points across is probably two different ways, but you can still learn things from Kevin in how he approaches certain situations,” Chase Briscoe said.

Chase Briscoe and his mentality

Chase Briscoe is a driver with a special mentality who does not want to give up even for a moment.

He always gives his best and tries to go one step further. “I feel like I always race with this mentality of every lap is making a difference, even if you’re 10 laps down because you have a mechanical issue. I always feel like I’m running 100 percent just to try to show my team that I’m not giving up,” Chase Briscoe continued.

Nothing can change his mentality. “I don’t think my mentality changes now that I’m secured for years to come, so I don’t think it really changes anything for me. It maybe makes you a little less stressed at home, but, outside of that, I feel like you’re going to the racetrack every weekend to win and try to set the fastest lap every single lap, every single session, and things like that.

I don’t think it will really change my outlook on anything as far as that goes,” Chase Briscoe added.