Denny Hamlin on negotiations for a new contract at JGR

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Denny Hamlin on negotiations for a new contract at JGR
Denny Hamlin on negotiations for a new contract at JGR (Provided by Sport World News)

Joe Gibbs Racing is one of the better teams in NASCAR. Their ambitions are big, considering the driving quality they have. One of JGR's drivers, Denny Hamlin, is in the last year of his contract. Many are wondering if Hamlin will extend the contract or if JGR and Hamlin will part ways.

However, Hamlin denied various rumors and confirmed that negotiations are ongoing. Many factors will influence, but there is no shortage of optimism. “I am confident, as long as I am racing, I want to be with Joe Gibbs Racing and they want to be with me.

Certainly, I think that these talks will go on for a few months. There are just too many other aspects that go into this,” Denny Hamlin said. He is also the co-owner of 23X1 Racing. There is a lot of work on that side as well, but Hamlin is ready for anything.

"Myself having a Toyota team, and we have an alliance with JGR. There is a lot to navigate as a lot of contracts are all up at the same time,”.

New contract problems

He is convinced that there will be no problems regarding the new contract.

It is necessary to solve certain little things. “I don’t think myself and Joe Gibbs Racing will have any problem getting deal done. There is just some external factors that we have to be sensitive about, and I want to make sure it gets done in time,”.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. had only words of praise for his colleague. “Denny is one of the more polarizing individuals in the sport right now. We know he can be candid, opinionated, and entertaining as a driver, but he also is very insightful on the challenges and thrills of team ownership,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. said talking about Danny Hamlin. We'll see if Hamlin really works things out with JGR.

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