Reactions after Kevin Harvick retired: Tony Stewart proud of him

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Reactions after Kevin Harvick retired: Tony Stewart proud of him

Kevin Harvick and the news that he is retiring surprised many. Although most could have expected such a decision, it will be difficult for us to get used to NASCAR races without him. Tony Stewart is one of the first to react to Harvick's decision.

“I competed against Kevin for a long time and I was so happy to finally have him a part of our race team,” said Tony Stewart, as quoted by “He’s incredibly reliable – consistent and calculated on the track with a drive to always be better.

That’s what you want in a teammate. He knows what he needs to be successful, and his will to win helped elevate our entire company. I want Kevin to savor every lap this season, to compete like hell and to take it all in.

He’s made all of us at Stewart-Haas Racing incredibly proud and we want to make his last season his best season”.

Kevin Harvick and his decision

Harvick and his love for NASCAR is something special. Kevin is a man who marked an era in NASCAR.

In an interview with, he emphasized that such decisions are not easy to make. “There is absolutely nothing else in the world that I enjoy doing more than going to the racetrack, and I’m genuinely looking forward to this season,” said Harvick.

“But as I’ve gone through the years, I knew there would come a day where I had to make a decision. When would it be time to step away from the car? I’ve sought out people and picked their brains. When I asked them when they knew it was the right time, they said it’ll just happen, and you’ll realize that’s the right moment.

You’ll make a plan and decide when it’s your last year. It’s definitely been hard to understand when that right moment is because we’ve been so fortunate to run well. But sometimes there are just other things going on that become more important and, for me, that time has come”.