Kevin Harvick retires: Explained the decision

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Kevin Harvick retires: Explained the decision

NASCAR legend Kevin Harvick has decided to end his career at the end of the season. Although there were probably doubts about the decision, he decided what was best for him. “There is absolutely nothing else in the world that I enjoy doing more than going to the racetrack, and I’m genuinely looking forward to this season,” said Harvick, as quoted by

“But as I’ve gone through the years, I knew there would come a day where I had to make a decision. When would it be time to step away from the car? I’ve sought out people and picked their brains. When I asked them when they knew it was the right time, they said it’ll just happen, and you’ll realize that’s the right moment.

You’ll make a plan and decide when it’s your last year. It’s definitely been hard to understand when that right moment is because we’ve been so fortunate to run well. But sometimes there are just other things going on that become more important and, for me, that time has come”.

Kevin Harvick and his moments

Kevin Harvick recalled his career and great moments that he will never forget. “Dale’s passing changed our sport forever, and it changed my life forever and the direction it took," said Harvick.

"It took me a long time to really get comfortable to really even think about things that happened that day. Looking back on it now, you realize the importance of getting in the Cup car, and then we wound up winning my first race at Atlanta in the 29 car after Dale’s death.

The significance and the importance of keeping that car on the racetrack and winning that race early at Atlanta – knowing now what it meant to the sport, and just that moment in general of being able to carry on, was so important”.