Clint Bowyer on Elliott and Larson: They both can’t be the No. 1 guy


Clint Bowyer on Elliott and Larson: They both can’t be the No. 1 guy

Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott could be the main faces of the next season as well. Much is expected of them, and many predict that they will fight for the title. What is interesting is that both are part of the same team, which gives their fight an extra charm.

NASCAR analyst Clint Bowyer commented on their rivalry and compared it to another rivalry in NASCAR history. “When you’re in the same organization, you have the same cars. That’s when it’s like the jeff Gordon-Jimmy Johnson rivalry.

I believe the toughest rivalry that we have in our sport is right in between those walls at Hendrick Motorsports,” Clint Bowyer said. Both are quality drivers and have shown it many times in their careers. It's really fascinating how HMS has done such a great job on the two of them.

Bowyer also believes that both have the capacity to be at the top. “They both can’t be the No. 1 guy, and that’s a dangerous thing. But I think both of them are certainly capable,”

Bowman and Byron

Bowman and Byron marked an era of NASCAR and were fantastic drivers.

Bowyer still thinks that Elliott and Larson are on a higher level. “I don’t want to take anything away from the other two, but the first two are both champions and, in my opinion, the best drivers in this sport, Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott,”.

Hendrick Motorsports is currently the strongest team. They are very dedicated, they give their maximum and therefore it is not surprising where good results come from. We hope that they will show their qualities in the next season as well.

In fact, we don't doubt it. “As long as you have those two bullets behind the chamber, I’m telling you you’re going to be dangerous. I think Hendrick Motorsports is just fine,”.