Baltazar Leguizamón on NASCAR debut next year!


Baltazar Leguizamón on NASCAR debut next year!

Baltazar Leguizamón is a great Argentinian who has a single goal: To be part of NASCAR in 2023. Leguizamón confirmed that he is close to an agreement and that he will probably realize his dream next year. “We are close to being able to race in NASCAR Xfinity next year with the MBM Motorsport, which was the team that opened the doors to the series for me,” Leguizamón said, as quoted by

“A manager I had in the United States called me a little over two months ago and contacted me with the team. We were talking and as soon as the idea of what to do started to close, the team contacted me with NASCAR, where I had a very important acceptance because everyone welcomed me and that was very good because it helped me to do everything quickly to get the license”.

Baltazar revealed what plans the team has for him, more precisely; where he will make his debut. “The idea is being able to complete the support, either in Argentina or in the United States. The team is helping me a lot with that part and the plan is to make my debut at the Circuit of the Americas, which is a track I know a lot,” he said.

“It’s a serious project and the idea is to start at COTA. We are working and we are well set for that. The plan is to debut there and to be able to do the rest of this year’s events on mixed circuits,” he continued.

Leguizamon on his idols

Even as a boy, he dreamed of appearing on the NASCAR scene. The Argentine has many idols that he followed while growing up. He does not hide that he wants to become as big as some of them. “I have always liked NASCAR.

I always had Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon as my role models and when I heard about Richard Petty, when I was 12 years old, I started to follow him as well,” he said. “For me, racing in NASCAR would be like touching the sky with my hands.

From my point of view, it’s the biggest thing there is, beyond Formula 1, where I was close to achieving something very important at the time. But this in NASCAR is something concrete, it is a project that I see that can be done and we are very close to being able to do it.

To be able to race in NASCAR, being the first Argentinean driver in history, is a huge pride. I still don't fully understand how big it is, but it is something very big”.