Steve Letarte: Jimmie Johnson is the Michael Jordan of NASCAR


Steve Letarte: Jimmie Johnson is the Michael Jordan of NASCAR

Jimmie Johnson left a huge mark on the NASCAR scene and is considered by many to be 'the greatest' One of his former rivals, Steve Letarte, commented on Johnson and had only words of praise for this once-great driver. “It seems very easy to take any sports figure and find a stat that argues the alternative, but a few breakthroughs that, and you can’t get to.

The Michael Jordans, perhaps Kobe or Tiger. Jimmie Johnson is kind of that guy in NASCAR. I challenge any stat person to find anything factual to try to break down what he built up. Man, it’s hard to do,” Steve Letarte said.

Letarte could not have guessed that Johnson was such a quality driver and man when he first came into contact with him. “I was at Hendrick Motorsports long before Jimmie got there, and when Jeff Gordon got us together in a room and talked about him bringing Jimmie on board, no one in that room that I know of had any idea how unbelievable that driver was going to be,”.

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon immediately noticed what a talent Johnson was. “He just hasn’t shown anything that I saw in the Xfinity [series] races on Saturday that made him this sought-after talent. But Jeff was in a race with him, and it was so clear to him how talented [Johnson] was.

It was just one more example of how the drivers on the racetrack see so much more than us,”. Jimmie changed many things within NASCAR. “Then Jimmie came in, and it became clear right away how unbelievably talented and driven he was.

And much like everyone, I feel like Dale Sr. set the standard, and then Jeff Gordon changed the approach; I think Jimmie Johnson came in and changed the approach again, and he kind of redefined the era of the sport,”.

Michael Jordan