Christopher Bell: I hope that it’s just the beginning

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Christopher Bell: I hope that it’s just the beginning
Christopher Bell: I hope that it’s just the beginning (Provided by Sport World News)

The season behind us was a great one for Christopher Bell. In spite of this, Bell's ambitions will not end there. On the contrary, he is looking forward to being as good as he ever was next season. The team leaders have given Bell a great deal of praise.

They expect to be able to win next season. “I hope that it’s just the beginning. I feel like our 20 group is capable of winning many races in 2023, and hopefully, we can carry that into 2024 and ’25,”.- Bell said.

A few seasons earlier, Bell believes that he could have been just as good as he is now. Christopher is confident in the team's leadership and expects maximum support from them. Results cannot be achieved without this kind of support.

“The biggest piece of that is having confidence in my equipment and my car. I hope I improved from 2021 to 2022, but I do feel like I could have performed well in 2021 if we had the opportunity, me and Adam, to get on the same page, and he gave me what I needed to be successful earlier in our outing,” Christopher Bell said.

Christopher Bell

During the course of the interview, Bell discussed how his season began and the importance of certain races for him. The next season could be just as good for him as the previous one. As a result of his extensive experience now, he is in a much better position.

He understood certain things. As a result, it is now up to the team to show him their support and show that they are confident in his abilities “In 2022, starting off the year at California and Vegas, those were two really big learning curves because we were able to make changes to the car, and I was able to show Adam that if he gave what I needed in the car, then I can be successful and be fast,”.