Paul Wolfe on Joey Logano: There was no doubt in his mind that we were the favorite


Paul Wolfe on Joey Logano: There was no doubt in his mind that we were the favorite

Joey Logano's crew chief at Team Penske, Paul Wolfe commented on Joey Logano's victory in the NASCAR Cup championship. They were optimists from the very beginning. “When these playoffs started this season, Joey was on his A-game, and he was focused and determined that we were going to win this championship,” said Wolfe for “And that's the way he would talk as he would come into the shop and when he was around the guys and the time we would spend together.

There was no doubt in his mind that we were the favorite and we were going to get it done”. He also referred to the playoff and Logano's performance. “Throughout the playoffs I feel like we had the speed,” said Wolfe.

“I feel like the Homestead test was a good turning point for us as we needed to find a little bit to… I felt like to the Chevrolets, for sure, and the Toyotas. So when you have those opportunities, you really have to make sure you're prepared to get the most out of them.

And that's where I feel like having a great group of guys on this team and within Team Penske, we're able to make the most of that. It's obviously made the difference for us. I think he was pretty motivated after that test there, and we went on to run really strong and then win Vegas, and that kind of gave him that last bit of confidence, I guess, to know that we were going to be able to come here to Phoenix and get the job done”.


It is not at all easy to achieve such success, but patience and motivation are key factors. Of course, quality as well. “It started right after the win in Vegas,” he said of Phoenix preparations. “We all know that's kind of how it works with this system.

Not that we wanted to throw away those races [at Homestead and Martinsville], but I started focusing on Phoenix right after that win that next Monday, and making sure we didn't miss anything. “How much of an advantage is that? I don't know.

I don't know that you can quantify it. But I'd like to feel like I was prepared as I could be coming into this weekend. “And with a lot of great support from our teammates and stuff coming here this weekend, we were able to unload very fast and then go through a lot of things we wanted to try to find a little bit more”.

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