Kyle Larson on the Texas track: Anything would be better than what they did


Kyle Larson on the Texas track: Anything would be better than what they did

Kyle Larson is not happy with the changes made to the Texas track. Larson revealed what moves he would make if he could change things on the track "I would like to see them change it from a 1.5-mile track to something shorter," said Kyle Larson.

"I don’t know if that means bringing the backstretch in or whatever. If I could build a track, it would probably be a three-quarter mile Bristol, basically; pavement, progressive banking, all of that. But I don’t know if that’s even possible here.

I’m not sure what they have in mind, but anything would be better than what they did”. Larson, who is one of the favorites, revealed what will be important during the race and what tactics he will have to apply.

He is aware of the challenge that awaits him and how difficult it will be, but he is optimistic about such a big challenge. “I think we probably all look at Texas (Motor Speedway) as a good opportunity to hopefully get a win, get locked-in and not have to worry about the next two races," said Larson.

"Texas, I feel like it’s a very strategy-driven type of race track. It’s really difficult to pass, so you’ll see some different varying pit strategies going on, whether it be staying out, fuel only, two tires, four tires.

So just trying to have a good enough car to play that the right way and keep your track position. Having good pit stops and good restarts I think is important. It seems like all of that has been more important this year with just how difficult it’s been to pass."

Kyle Larson on the race

For him, the most important thing is that the car is in accordance with what he expects.

Larson is aware of his qualities and how much his team can do, but he is also aware of the competition and the unpredictability of this season. This will be one of the most interesting races. We hope that there will be no incidents and that a real spectacle awaits us.

"Hopefully our car is good. I felt good in the All-Star Race. Just blew a right-front tire pretty early on, so I didn’t really get a fair judge of how we were then to how we’ll be now. It’s much warmer conditions this week too, so I think that will change things a little bit. But yeah, hopefully it goes well”.

Kyle Larson