Denny Hamlin: Yelling through the media typically gets results


Denny Hamlin: Yelling through the media typically gets results

NASCAR drivers are firm in their stance and believe that changes in NASCAR are necessary. Especially when it comes to safety car issues. Next Gen cars are a big revolution, but it looks like NASCAR needs to work on some finesse.

Denny Hamlin supports his colleagues and thinks they have to speak up if they really want things to change. Many blame them for the 'pressure' and the fact that they speak publicly, but it seems that there is no other option.

“I think that they’re being proactive right now. Obviously, they made a bunch of changes this week. I think what the drivers and the teams are saying is that it shouldn’t take us yelling through the media to get it done,” Hamlin said for “That doesn’t help anybody and it certainly doesn’t help them, but the proof has been that yelling through the media typically gets results.

That’s just kind of the way that it’s been. This is the most powerful tool you can have and sometimes you have to use it to force change”. Kevin Harvick had the biggest problems after his car was caught in the fire.

Harvick believes that such things should not happen. Hamlin gave his opinion on the whole situation: “I think (Harvick) has had enough of them saying they would get to it, they would get to it and we’re working on it.

Instead, they made an immediate change,” Hamlin said. “But we want to see it coming after the second fire, the first fire. There’s been many, many fires before that one”.

Denny Hamlin on NASCAR officials

However, Hamlin is satisfied with the reaction of NASCAR officials who are ready to help, and who are trying to determine the reasons why similar situations have occurred.

What is most important is desire and will, and things should be resolved, we hope.
“I certainly feel that they’re working to help us with the hits on the chassis. All that stuff does take time. They can’t just knee-jerk reaction and start cutting bars out of the chassis, that’s very irresponsible,” he said.

“I think they’re doing things methodically to make sure that the next revision of car that comes out is one that is improved in the areas that we need improving on, but that does take time through design and testing”.

đ An interesting NASCAR season, and an exciting finish awaits us. There are many names in the game, and it is difficult to estimate who will win.

Denny Hamlin